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Announcing The Birth Of Our Digital Downloads

One final push......and there that's it! Our new digital download site has been born!

Suppose we better explain how we got ourselves in this situation then.....

Well, we really do love creating physical stationery, and we have an amazing relationship with A5 paper! In fact, we have specifically designed our small illustrations to look their best on this size paper as it feels more traditional. We want our paper perfect for our customers, letters are sent with love, the paper chosen and written with care.

However, we really felt like we needed to keep our options open rather than settle down immediately. With some encouragement from our customers, we are excited to say we have decided to go all modern and produce different designs more suited to A4 / US letter size paper as digital downloads.

In an even more exciting development we have also begun our journey into designing planning sheets and organisational stationery. Whilst we really want to incorporate these into our physical stationery store as well, sometimes it makes sense to have the option of just downloading the digital file.

Take our holiday packing list for example. Imagine, it's two days before your summer break, you haven't even started packing, you don't know where to begin, and are terrified you're going to forget something vital........Anyway that's where our forget-me-not packing list comes in. You simply head over the the CottageRts Printables site on Etsy, purchase your packing list and that's it. All you have to do is print a copy out and you are ready to start breaking your packing down into more manageable chunks.

The CottageRts Printables site is still in it's infancy, but keep checking in because in the near future we hope to continue it's growth with a number of other designs and items to download.



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