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Our Journey to Stationery Gift Sets

Those of you who follow or buy from us know we have a variety of paper products each embellished with one of our little designs, printed from either hand painted, drawn, or printed artwork using various techniques, usually inspired by nature. One of our goals has been to give variety and choice in order we can appeal to a wide audience and although we will steadily add to these, we feel this aim has been largely achieved. In our shop we have a number of different designs on various products greeting cards, notebooks, writing paper, bookmarks, and postcards.

In celebration of reaching this goal, we have now started to turn towards combining some of our products into little stationery gift sets. All designs, as usual will be suitable for most occasions and whilst we don't yet have anything for the very young, we will have small gifts that younger humans may want to give Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or that special Teacher.

For this introduction to our gift packs we will offer 10% off for the first two weeks they are up on site. Offer ends 12/07/2023.

Here are a few of our little gift packs now available and can be found here -


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